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This treatment lifts and lengthens the natural lashes with keratin solutions which strengthen and hydrate the lashes without damaging them. The result is the illusion of longer, thicker glamorous lashes! 



Brow tint gives you the facelift by developing darker, fuller brows. While lash tint creates a contrast between the whites of your eyes and your new dark lashes to give you brighter eyes.


For the ultimate natural look of a filled in brow 
Microblading incorporates feather strokes made with the thinnest blade possible and natural pigments.

By working with the grain of the hair growth pattern, the result is a feathered, the most natural full brow effect. Eyebrows look naturally, do not show up, do not strike the eye and do not seem vulgar, as it sometimes happens with a classic tattoo makeup.

The latest Microblading technique brought from New York, the procedure is done by therapist with the highest qualification in the industry

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3D Feather Stroke

$480 (90 minutes)

Ombre/Powder Brow

$480 (90 minutes)

Ultimate Combo Brow 

$520 (100 minutes)

Eyelash Extensions

Russian Volume Design

Soho Classic Single

100  (50/50)  $100

3D  (300 - )  $170  Natural

120  (60/60)  $120

160  (80/80)  $160

4D  (380 - )  $190  Glamorous

5D  (450- )  $210  Dramatic


Upward Technique $30

Lower Lash  $15

Lash Spa  $28

Removal  $20

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